7 Immortal World Records Of Bruce Lee That Cannot Be Broken

 There is hardly a person in this world who has not heard the name Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is not an ordinary actor; his philosophical views have been the most talked about in the world. But unfortunately, he died unexpectedly on June 20, 1973, due to a rare disease called brain edema. He was only 32 years old when he died. The doctors had stated that the painkiller he used caused his death.

The world is still talking about the world records set by Bruce Lee during his short life. From Aunex, we bring to you today amazing information about the seven world records set by Bruce Lee, which no one has been able to break. Stay tuned until the end of the post.

Record No.7

He is the first person in the world to break a 45 kilo sandbag with one kick. 45 kg is not a small weight, and it is amazing to kick a sandbag from the side and break it. And Bruce Lee, who was an expert in martial arts, had shown that rare skill. You can really understand from this record how powerful his kick is. Bruce Lee has demonstrated this ability to his audience several times.

Record No.6

Bruce Lee also holds the record for the most forceful attack using a nunchuck. Martial artists know very well how difficult it is to handle a nunchuck. Martial artists call it a separate skill and art. Bruce Lee is said to be very skilled in handling nunchucks. According to the record he set, he was hit with a nunchaku with 1600 pounds of force. It is also considered a world record that can never be broken. Still, no one has a chance to break this record for Bruce Lee.

Record No.5

An unbelievable record from Bruce Lee's immortal world records is the record of hitting the most 1 inch punches in a second. This one inch punch is a very fast attack method from the Chinese martial art, or Kung Fu martial art. Usually, this shot is thrown from a very close distance of about 5 cm. Bruce Lee set the world record by hitting nine 1-inch shots in one second. Yes, in one second, he has fired nine punches. You must understand how difficult it is to hit nine shots in such a short time. It is said that this very fast attack of his is powerful enough to throw a person weighing 75 kg at a distance of 5–6 meters. This hand attack is considered to be a special method that brings the full energy of the attacker to the fingertips. And it is mentioned that one should have a lot of patience to throw this blow.

Record No.4

The person who had the strongest punch in the world was Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was nicknamed "The Dragon". Many of his movies were named "Enter The Dragon" and "Way of A Dragon" because of his unique fighting styles and the speed of his fists. Bruce Lee's punch was observed to be as strong as 750 pounds. Also, there is another person in the history of the world who can throw a punch with energy, that is the world champion Clausius Clay who is known as the best boxing champion of the 20th century, or the world sacred boxing champion whom you and I know as Muhammad Ali. His punch is said to be 350 pounds.

But the important thing is that there is a big difference between the body weights of Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. Bruce Lee is said to have weighed 130 pounds, while Muhammad Ali weighed 260 pounds. That means that Muhammad Ali is twice as heavy as Bruce Lee. With the increase in weight, the speed and power of a punch increase, so Bruce Lee is considered to be the fastest puncher in the world.

At that time, it was a famous fact that Bruce Lee's punches were unique. Most of the action actors who acted with him are those who have studied martial arts. Actors like Chuck Norris and Jim Kelly are the ones who studied fighting with him. But later, it came to light that many actors who acted with Bruce Lee were afraid that he would really hit them. There is unofficial talk among his fans that those who acted as Bruce Lee's enemies have been paid more. Because even a wrong shot from Bruce Lee can be very scary and deadly.

Record No.3

Bruce Lee was able to throw six kicks in a second. 6 kicks in a second? Yes, what you read is true. Bruce Lee has shown the ability to throw six kicks in a short period of time. Even today, no one can break his world record. He introduced his own unique kick, called the Skip Side Kick. It is said that it is extremely difficult to imitate. Once, when he attempted to set this record, a 90 kg person was thrown 20 meters with his protective cover when he hit his side kick. It's a good example to understand how powerful his kick is.

Record No.2

The second place among his immortal world records is the largest number of pushups done in different ways. Bruce Lee has set many world records not only by hitting but also by doing exercises. Bruce Lee had the ability to do 1500 pushups in a row. Also, he has the amazing ability to perform 400 pushups with just one hand and 200 pushups at a time with just the tips of his fingers. Not only that, he also holds the world record for doing 100 pushups in a row with only his thumb. It is reported that all these records are still intact today.

Bruce Lee has attacked an unopened Coca Cola can with only two fingers, so that it has been punctured on several occasions. It showed the strength and power of his fingers. Also, anyone can imagine how strong his endurance is with the ability to do the number of pushups we mentioned earlier.

Record No.1

His strongest record is throwing a 135 kg sandbag five meters high. So Bruce Lee set many records in his short life span of 32 years that no one can break. Also, as an actor of a different kind, he gained popularity among the audience, but his close relatives claim that none of these things came to fruition.

In this report of Bruce Lee that we are going to tell now, it is stated that he kicked a 135 kg weight sandbag that was hanging on the ceiling and hit the ceiling. The ceiling was located at a height of 5 meters from the top level of the sandbag. If such a strong kick hits a man, he will surely die. No one has been able to break the record set by Bruce Lee.

So Bruce Lee's training and his unwavering devotion to his profession—to the martial arts he learned—brought him to this point. If he had not died prematurely, there would have been many more immortal reports. In fact, these unique records that he has kept prove that he is a unique man.

Bruce Lee, who became popular all over the world as an actor, was born on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco, America. His birth name is "Lee Jun Fan." Bruce Lee is a professional actor, philosopher, film director, and producer. He is also an expert in martial arts.

Bruce Lee married Linda Emery in 1964. He also has a son and a daughter named Brendan Lee and Shannon Lee. Almost all the movies in which he acted as a martial artist became very popular. He has contributed to more than 30 films. His works like Big Boss, Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, and The Way of a Dragon became very popular all over the world. It is said in history that the fight between Bruce Lee and famous actor Chuck Norris in the movie The Way of a Dragon was a scene that was widely discussed around the world at that time.

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